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  • Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 39

    title Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 39
    date 2020.09.20
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWxVPJT1MPk
    hosts Itou Miku (ƣ)
    Toyota Moe (˭˨)
    guests Hikasa Youko (ۻ)
    Aiba Aina (걩)

    This was the 39th broadcast for the game BanG Dream Girls Band Party.

    The hosts were Itou Miku and Toyota Moe. The guests were Hikasa Youko and Aiba Aina.

    Miku cut her hair a couple days ago. Now her hair was short, so all the members of Hello Happy World have short hair.

    There were many announcements.

    The third band stories for each of the original 5 bands will be released in the game soon.

    There will be a "sound only live" for Afterglow, Pastel Palettes, and Hello Happy World. It will be on youtube live, and will be a free broadcast.

    There will be an anime movie "Bang Dream Episode of Roselia 1 Yakusoku" released in January 2021.

    The Bang Dream Film Live 2nd Stage will be released in 2021, and it will include all seven bands.

    Then they played the Bang Dream game. Miku and Aina played together, and Moe and Youko were the other team. Aina and Moe both cleared their targets.

    There were some more announcements and goods.

    The Bang Dream 8th Live will be rebroadcast on 9/20, 9/21, and 9/22.

    Bang Dream desktop calendars will be given to those who buy all three of the upcoming 7th singles for Pastel Palettes, Afterglow, and Hello Happy World.

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