Cutie Radio broadcast 8 (2003.06.19)

This broadcast was about 24 minutes, but the big news was that the format of the radio show changed. It became more like a normal seiyuu radio show. There was a corner where they read letters from fans.

After reading a couple letters, they played "Kimi ha Atashi no Mono".

The next corner was "Mayu-chan's room". This was a corner where there was a "guest". The guest for this broadcast was Tsukino Usagi (from Sailor Moon). (^_^; Mayu-chan said that she liked Mizuno Ami.
Usagi's voice was done by Makky.

The next corner was "Cutie Land Kankou Annnaijo (travel information desk)". This was a corner where Makky described the various places in the magical world, Cutie Land.

At the end, Mayu-chan and Makky talked about the Cutie Land 5 event that was going to take place 6/21.

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