Cutie Radio broadcast 12 (2003.08.14)

This broadcast was about 28 minutes.

Cutie Pai returned to Japan (from Germany). They said that they will broadcast some of the clips from their event in Germany on the next broadcast.

Makky and Mayu-chan talked about the previous broadcasts, as they have already done this radio show for almost a half year.

There was a question from a listener, who is the leader of Cutie Pai. They answered that there was no leader, but Mayu-chan was the captain.

They mentioned that there were many messages on the Cutie BBS from Germany, but they had a hard time using magic (i.e. translating it to Japanese).

Makky said that they wanted to go to Germany again next year!

Then they played "Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku".

The next corner was "Mayu-chan's room" and the guest was Tenjou Utena, voice by Makky.

Cutie Pai talked a little bit about their time in Germany. They stayed in the same hotel room together. Makky likes to watch TV, but Mayu-chan likes to listen to music. They did both simultaneously.. (^_^; But when Mayu-chan went to take a bath, Makky turned off the music, and when Makky went to take a bath, Mayu-chan turned off the TV. They said they had fun living together..

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