Cutie Radio broadcast 13 (2003.08.28)

They broadcast a lot of clips that were recorded in Germany. It was mixed in with the talk that was recorded in Japan, after they came back.

First there were some clips of Makky and Mayu-chan in the ANA airplane.

Then there were clips from Animagic 2003.

Mayu-chan said that Makky doesn't close anything. (^_^; The toothpaste, shampoo, rinse, hair wax, etc.. Makky just used them and left them open.

There were some clips of Makky and Mayu-chan going sightseeing.

They also went shopping to buy balloons, but they found that balloons were very expensive in Germany.

Makky and Mayu-chan said that they had body guards with them.

Then they played a live version of "Kimi ha Atashino Mono", probably recorded at Animagic 2003.

They said that they were interviewed by a German magazine. They also were judges at a cosplay contest.

They will broadcast the clips of Cutie Pai's live stage during the next broadcast.

Mayu-chan said she liked mashed potatoes the most. Makky said she liked salmon.

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