Sega Fes 2016

title Sega Fes
location Bellesalle Akihabara
date 2016.11.19 - 2016.11.20
broadcast nico nico, youtube, abema fresh

On November 19 and 20, 2016, the Sega Fes event took place at Bellesalle Akihabara. There was a main stage on the first floor, and a sub-stage in the basement, where there were many seiyuu events.

There was a 48 hour live broadcast on niconico, youtube, and abema fresh, and most of the stage events were broadcast. There were also some other informational and talk programs when there weren't any stage events. The 48 hour broadcast started at 19:00 on November 18, and went until 19:00 on November 20.

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