Adores Medal Games stage

title Adores Medal Games stage (JAEPO 2017)
date 2017.02.12
broadcast nico nico
seiyuu Tokui Sora (Ķ)

This event was a talk show and game tournament at the Adores booth at JAEPO 2017 for their medal game machines. It was broadcast live on niconico.

The seiyuu guest was Tokui Sora.

The first 30 minutes was a talk by Sora and the emcee, who was a cosplayer who worked at the Adores in Ikebukuro Sora answered some yes/no questions.

Then they broadcast the medal game tournament. Sora and the emcee left the stage for about an hour.

After the tournament, Sora and the emcee came back for around 10 minutes of talk, and they had a drawing for presents at the end. Then they left the stage for around 5 minutes as the staff set up the stage for the closing ceremonies.

Sora sat at the table for the closing ceremonies.

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