Soul Reverse stages

title Soul Reverse stages (JAEPO 2017)
date 2017.02.11
broadcast nico nico
archive (2/11)
seiyuu (2/11) Takahashi Rie (ⶶ)
(2/12) Lounsbery Arthur

There were events for the Soul Reverse games on 2/11 and 2/12 at the Sega booth at JAEPO 2017. Both events were broadcast live on niconico.

The seiyuu guests were Takahashi Rie (on 2/11) and Lounsbery Arthur (on 2/12). Rie does the voice of Merumeru and Arthur does the voice of Hercules in the game Soul Reverse Zero.

The events were around 30 minutes each.


The events on both days were basically the same. The producer of Soul Reverse explained the new arcade game. He asked Rie and Arthur to become the seiyuu of the new characters Vivian and Caesar.

Then the producer of Soul Reverse Zero (game for smartphones) explained Zero. Then Rie and Arthur played a little bit of the game.

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