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  • Danmachi Fes 2019

    title Danmachi Fes 2019
    date/time 2019.06.17 19:30-
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qR-XEpcAy0
    seiyuu Majima Junji
    Kimura Juri
    Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
    Ishigami Shizuka
    Akasaki Chinatsu
    Chisuga Haruka
    video Minase Inori (Τ)
    Murakawa Rie

    This was a live brodcast of the Danmachi Fes 2019 event.

    Majima Junji was the emcee of the event, and the seiyuu guests were Kimura Juri, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Ishigami Shizuka, Akasaki Chinatsu, and Chisuga Haruka.

    There were also video messages by Minase Inori and Murakawa Rie.

    The first corner was by Kimura Juri, and it was about the Danmachi smartphone game, Danmachi Memoria Freese.

    The next corner was an audio drama by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Kimura Juri, and Ishigami Shizuka.

    The next corner was the radio show corner by Kimura Juri. The guest was Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. There was a video message by Murakawa Rie.

    They also announced that Matsuoka Yoshitsugu had set a Guiness world record, the "most unique sound bites provided by a voice actor for a mobile game" with 10175 words. He was presented with the Guiness certificate at this event.

    The next corner was about the Danmachi 2 TV series. It started with an audio drama by Majima Junji, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Chisuga Haruka, and Akasaki Chinatsu. Then they showed a promo video for the new anime, and there was a talk show by the seiyuu.

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