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  • Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Chokuzen Special

    title Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Chokuzen Special
    date 2017.04.18
    broadcast abema fresh
    archive https://freshlive.tv/bushiroad/100059
    seiyuu Mimori Suzuko ()
    Terakawa Aimi
    Ozaki Yuka (ͳ)

    The Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival will take place on May 6 and 7, 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight. This was a special broadcast by Bushiroad to give out information on that event, plus some other events.

    The seiyuu guests were Mimori Suzuko, Aimi, and Ozaki Yuka.

    They even talked about the Bushiroad event that will take place in Long Beach California on 7/1 and 7/2.

    Most of the broadcast was showing the goods that will go on sale at the Bushiroad event.

    They also talked about Suzuko's trading cards. They showed a little bit of Suzuko's "making of video" for the photo shoots.

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