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  • Azur Lane Koushiki Namahousou

    title Azur Lane Koushiki Namahousou
    date/time 2020.02.21
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9chiyIpuQ-E
    seiyuu Miyake Marie
    Takatsuka Tomohito

    This was a live broadcast for the game Azurlane. The seiyuu participants were Miyake Marie and Takatsuka Tomohito.

    Marie does the voice of Avrora and Niihai. She was wearing a large white Russian hat like the character Avrora.

    Tomohito was supposed to be a guest on the Christmas live broadcast last year, but he got influenza and couldn't appear. So he showed his game screens (character screens). He also married Unicorn on the show.

    Then they gave out lots of information on the new events and character that will start on 2/27.

    Marie said she recorded some new lines for Avroura for the joint battles with some of the new ships.

    They said that there will be an Azurlane x Stellamap Cafe (Sofmap) collaboration cafe between 3/20 and 4/9.

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