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  • Tonopi to Rimirin no Let's Weiss Schwarz 23

    title Tonopi to Rimirin no Let's Weiss Schwarz 23
    date/time 2020.06.18
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    hosts Toono Hikaru
    Nishimoto Rimi (ܤ)
    guest Nishio Yuuka
    Minami Wakana

    This was the 23rd broadcast of Tonopi to Rimirin no Let's Weiss Schwarz, hosted by Toono Hikaru and Nishimoto Rimi. The guests were Nishio Yuuka and Minami Wakana.

    They were back in the studio for this broadcast, but they sat far part. There was also a barrier between them.

    In the middle of the show, Yuuka and Wakana appeared and sat in a row in front of Hikaru and Rimi.

    Hikaru and Rimi will "graduate" from this show, and Yuuka and Wakana will be the new hosts.

    From July, the Weiss Schwarz and Gekkan Bushiroad TV will merge into one show. The next broadcast will be on 7/8, and all four seiyuu will appear in that show.

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