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  • GirlFriend TV 2 Gakki 5

    title GirlFriend (kari) TV 2 Gakki 5
    date/time 2017.08.30 21:00-22:00
    hosts Watanabe Yui
    Itou Miku (伊藤美来)
    guest Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)

    This was a live broadcast for the game GirlFrend (kari). The hosts were Watanabe Yui and Itou Miku. The guest for this broadcast was Harada Hitomi, who does the voice of Mochizuki Erena.

    Since Erena likes to take photos, they brought out a real SLR camera and had the three seiyuu take photos of a GirlFriend character figure. But Hitomi took photos of Miku and Yui.

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