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  • Ra Ra Ra! Tokuban

    title Ra Ra Ra! Tokuban
    date/time 2019.07.24 21:00-21:40
    broadcast niconico
    host Takeda Rarisa Tago
    guest Yoshimura Haruka (¼Ϥ뤫)

    This was a special live broadcast by Takeda Rarisa Tago and Yoshimura Haruka. It was set up like Rarisa's program with Haruka as the guest.

    The first 40 minutes was free and the rest was for members only.

    Rarisa first met Haruka when she was a guest on Haruka's Maniac Date program.

    The first part was talk about Haruka, based on the information from wikipedia. Then they read some mails and talked.

    The second half of the show was talk about Haruka's friends, after she drew a diagram showing her friends and connections.

    In the member's only broadcast, Rarisa said that she was very nervous to do this program with Haruka, as it was a take on Haruka's Wa Wa Wa show.

    Haruka said it was fun, as she hadn't talked this much to Rarisa in a while.

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