Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.06.22 (3)

The file for this broadcast is IDOL01-3.mp3.

The guest for the third broadcast of Idol 109 part 3 was Nanazono Miri. This portion was recorded at the Idol 109 public recording event on May 27, 2001 at Studio Ai.

The broadcast was mostly talk by Nanazono Miri. Her first photo collection is on sale now. Miri said she went to Australia for one week to take the photos for this book. They talked about her photo shoot for a few minutes.

Miri will also be appearing in a movie next year called "Jisatsu Circle" (Suicide Club), in the role of a high school student. This movie will premire in Korea this September, and it will play in Japan next February.

Miri will be appearing in next month's Cream magazine.

Rieko said that she likes to wear green, and Noa said that her lucky color was green.

Compared to the previous broadcast, Noa talked a lot.

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