Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.06.29 (4)

The file for this broadcast is IDOL01-4.mp3.

The guest for the third broadcast of Idol 109 part 3 was Nanazono Miri. There was no guest for the fourth broadcast. It was just a talk by Rieko and Noa. Rieko thought up the theme "Kyoutsuuten wo Sagase" (look for something in common) for this broadcast.

Rieko (A) and Noa's (AB) blood types are different. Also their birth months are different. Noa's is August, and Rieko's is December.

Both Rieko and Noa were in Idol Deka (TV show). Noa remembers Rieko wearing a China dress. But Rieko said Noa didn't remember her when they met for this radio show.

Rieko said that she likes figure skating. Noa said that she did figure skating during gym class in grade school.

Noa's hobby is collecting old 10 yen coins (those with non-smooth edges). She has over 700 so far. Rieko collects Ultraseven goods, as many fans give them to her.

When she has free time, Noa likes to watch her three goldfish. She said that the goldfish were cute. Rieko said she likes aquariums, as she likes tropical fish.

Noa was in the English club in junior high, but she has never gone abroad. She said she can speak though.

Rieko asked Noa to say something. Noa said, "Who is there?" (in English). She said that it means "who are you?". Rieko then asked if that was true, as Noa said "there".. Then Noa said that she said that when she did the role of the grandmother in Little Red Hiding Hood (a school play in English).

Rieko can speak Indonesian, as she studied it in college. Noa asked why she chose Indonesian, and Rieko said because it's rare.

Rieko asked if there was a character that Noa liked recently. Noa said she liked Peko-chan (the mascot for Fujiya). She has it on her strap.

Rieko said she likes Doraemon. Then both Noa and Rieko said that they wanted Doraemon's "doko demo door". They finally found something in common!

At the end, they gave out some information.

Rieko said that her photo collection R is on sale now. Also Rieko's stage play will begin on 7/24.

Noa said that she appears in the Kome E Jan event, every second Sunday of each month.

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