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  • Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.07.06 (5)

    The file for this broadcast is IDOL02-1.mp3.

    There was no guest for the fifth broadcast. It was just a talk by Rieko and Noa.

    Rieko talked about her filming for a TV series that appeared in. She said they finished the filming, and the staff and cast went bowling.

    Noa said she bowled 3 or 4 times in her life. Her average is around 30. Rieko said her average is over 100.

    Noa said she appeared in a drama for the first time, and she was very nervous. She played the role of Oikawa Mitsuhiro's girl friend.. and she was sleeping in a bed, with Mitsuhiro! It might have looked like she wasn't wearing clothes, but she was.

    This was already aired. It was episode 1 of the drama "Koi ga Shitai Koi ga Shitai Koi ga Shitai". Noa will also appear in episode 4, to be aired 7/22.

    It was the first time she filmed in a studio. Noa said there were many numbers written on the ceiling of the studio.

    Noa said she didn't have any lines in episode 1.

    Noa said she is currently practicing for the comedy skits and songs.

    Rieko said she is doing boxing exercises, as she has to do a boxing gym scene in a play. Rieko will appear in a play from 7/25. She will do the role of a junior high student, the daughter of a boxer.

    Noa will appear in the Kome E Jan event on 7/8.

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