Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.07.13 (6)

The file for this broadcast is IDOL02-2.mp3.

The guest for the sixth broadcast of Idol 109 part 3 was Okamoto Eri. This portion was recorded at the Idol 109 public recording event on June 24, 2001 at Do It Machida. This broadcast was a lot longer than usual, at 14 minutes.

Okamoto Eri talked about the clay figures that she makes. Eri had brought a lot of the little clay figures that she made, and had them displayed on the table. Eri is called a "clay idol".

Eri said she makes the clay figures at night, and it takes about 10 minutes to make one. But she was told by her teacher that she had to make one in under 5 minutes.

Eri can make a crane with a 3mm square piece of origami.

Eri will have an event on July 20, called Umi no Hi. Eri (and her clay figures) will appear at JAFCON on July 29.

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