Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.07.20 (7)

The file for this broadcast is IDOL02-3.mp3.

The guest for the seventh broadcast of Idol 109 part 3 was Misaki Mami. This portion was recorded at the Idol 109 public recording event on June 24, 2001 at Do It Machida.

They asked what kind of work Mami was doing now.. But the conversation quickly turned to what Mami was doing during Kira Melo. Mami said she used to change her ribbon a little when she was wearing the Kira Melo seifuku. Noa called her "banchou" (gang leader), and Mami told her to stop it. (This was Mami's nickname during Kira Melo.) But Mami also said that Noa was scarier than her, as she was so "boke".

Mami is from Osaka, as is Rieko. They asked if Noa had been to Osaka. Noa said that she went to Osaka on the shinkansen. Mami and Rieko asked what Noa saw in Osaka, and Noa said "Tokyo Tower".. (^_^;

Then Mami and Rieko started speaking in Osaka-ben.

Mami said that she will appear in a live on 7/22 called Ota Song Overdrive, where they sing lots of anime songs. This live will be a special about magical girls songs. Then the next one will be in October, and will be a special about tokusatsu songs.

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