Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.09.07 (13)

The file for this broadcast is IDOL04-1.mp3.

There was no guest for the 13th broadcast. It was just a talk by Rieko and Noa.

They recorded this in Akihabara. Rieko mentioned that she had an event in Ishimaru Soft One, and Noa mentioned that she had an event in Sega Freaks.

Rieko said that she had a PC in her home in Osaka. Noa said she used her friend's PC.

Noa almost called herself by her real name.. (^_^;

Rieko said her stage play (where she did the role of a child) finally finished. She said there were days when she cried.

Noa said that she had 8 days of the Beer Tengoku stage during the summer. She had to learn 30 songs for it, and it was very difficult. She said she learned the songs while doing the stages. Noa also had a LaLaLu event (LaLaLu is a new group made up of nine former Kira Melo girls), so it was very difficult learning both the LaLaLu songs and Beer Tengoku songs at the same time.

Rieko said that her production had put a stop to her singing.. They don't want Rieko to sing. (^_^;

Then Rieko and Noa read letters from listeners.

Noa said she always says "konnichi wonton" because she likes wonton.

Noa said that if you put yogurt in the freezer for four hours, it tastes very good.

The second letter was from someone called doi@usagi. (^_^;;

He requested that Noa and Rieko sing together. Even though Rieko's production doesn't want her to sing, Rieko said that she wanted to sing with Noa. Then Noa came up with the name Army (from A-dachi and Mi-yanishi) for their group.

Rieko said that she will have a photo session event, and bowling event on 9/23 (in Banpaku Kouen [Osaka]).

Noa said that she will have a solo stage on 9/16. She will sing 4 or 5 songs.

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