Idol 109 part 3 - 2001.12.28 (28)

The file for this broadcast is IDOL07-4.mp3. This broadcast was almost 22 minutes.

This was the final broadcast of Idol 109. There was a guest, Ohkura Junko, who is a young idol in Rieko's production, but she just sat there and didn't talk much.

Rieko and Noa talked about all of the previous broadcasts.

Rieko said she wants to sing with Noa in 2002. Until now, her manager had prevented Rieko from singing, but he gave the ok for them to sing.

Noa said that she will appear in a game called Chocolate Kiss, going on sale in February. She will do the voice of Ichinose Sachi, who is a very bright and cheerful girl.

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