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  • Jinsei Doudemo 126

    title Jinsei Doudemo 126
    date/time 2017.07.28 22:00-
    broadcast niconico
    seiyuuIida Riho (Τ)
    video Kusuda Aina (İ)
    Watanabe Yui

    This was the July 28, 2017 broadcast of Riho's Jinsei Doudemo program on Second Shot Channel.

    Riho talked about her concert tour. It had just started, but this video was recorded before the first event.

    Riho showed some video clips of her trip to Ishigaki Jima with Kusuda Aina and Watanabe Yui. The DVD contaning the video of the trip will go on sale at Comic Market (8/11 to 8/13).

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