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  • Rippi to After Me - 2017.07.29

    title Rippi to After Me 2nd Anniversary public broadcast
    date/time 2017.07.29 22:00-
    broadcast niconico
    cost free+members only
    seiyuuIida Riho (Τ)

    This was a live broadcast of the 2nd anniversary public broadcast event for Riho's "Rippi to After Me" show. This event was held at the Bilibili Akihabara studio. The first 30 minutes or so was free for everyone, and the rest of the broadcast was for members only.

    For the first 30 minutes, Riho mostly read mails and talked. She gave out information about upcoming events.

    There will be a series of birthday party events in Asia, "Happy Rippi B Party 2017". 9/30 in Korea, 10/7 in Taiwan, 10/25 and 10/29 in Tokyo. She also said she wanted to do an event in Shanghai.

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