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  • "Special Days" Release Kinen Tokuban

    title Iida Riho "Special Days" Release Kinen Tokuban
    date/time 2018.09.04
    broadcast niconico
    cost free
    seiyuu Iida Riho (Τ)

    This was a live broadcast for the mini album by Iida Riho, "Special Days", which goes on sale 9/5. There is a version with a bluray disc and one with just the CD.

    Riho started the show by doing a self intro (but not written by her). This was the first release by Riho after changing her music label.

    They showed a video of Riho's performance during the NBC Universal Anime x Music Festival event (February 3 at Saitama Super Area). Riho was a secret guest, and this is where she announced that she will switch to NBC for her music.

    Riho said she was very nervous, and cried after her stage.

    Then Mr. Tomita, the sound producer, came and joined Riho for the talk about the CD and songs.

    They showed the promo video for "Special Days".

    The concept for this CD was 90's music.

    Riho has many events for this CD this September. There will also be a live tour in February 2019, 2/3 in Saitama, 2/10 in Aichi, 2/11 in Osaka, and 2/24 in Tokyo.

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