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  • Iida Riho Time - 2020.05.04

    title Iida Riho Time
    date/time 2020.05.04
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z987MDWQOyU
    seiyuu Iida Riho (Τ)

    This video was uploaded to the Iida Riho Time channel on 5/4, but it was recorded on 3/25. This video was around 6 minutes.

    This was the first location video by Riho. Riho went to Akihabara because she had many requests by the viewers. She said she would be very sad if nobody recognized her.

    It was the day that the Muse CD "A Song for You You You" went on sale. Riho went to the main Animate store to look for her CDS.

    The staff took videos of Riho while she was outside, but they let Riho go into the store by herself. She had her mike on, so it was audio only for the part inside the store.

    Riho said this was the first time that she went in by herself. She went up the stairs, and visited every floor. A couple people recognized her, and eventually talked to her.

    After Riho came out of the store, she said that she was very happy that people recognized her. At the end, Riho said, "Please talk me me when you see me."

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