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  • Cinderella Girls Shou Gekijou

    title Cinderella Girls Shou Gekijou Housou Chokuzen Tokuban
    date/time 2017.10.03 21:45- (around 30 minutes)
    broadcast niconico
    seiyuu Noguchi Yuri
    Imai Asaka
    Yoshimura Haruka (¼Ϥ뤫)

    This was a live niconico broadcast for the TV anime Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Gekijou.

    The seiyuu hosts were Noguchi Yuri, Imai Asaka, and Yoshimura Haruka.

    There was around 10 minutes of talk before the broadcast of episode 14 (episode 1 of the second season).

    They couldn't show any of the anime itself on the broadcast, so they only showed the seiyuu watching the anime. During the episode, they didn't talk that much. The episode was an anime original story.

    After the episode ended, the seiyuu shot some party crackers and drank some wine. Then they talked about the episode, and even showed some screen shots.

    Then they talked a little (gave a little hint about the story) about episode 15.

    At the end, they gave some information about some of the upcoming Cinderella girls events.

    1. Cinderella Girls Gekijou Spring Festival 2018
      2018.03.03 and 2018.03.04 at Maihama Amphitheater
    2. a fan meeting event in China [TBD]
    They said that there will be niconico broadcasts for Cinderella Girl Shou Gekijou once a month.

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