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  • Motto Dere Sute Night x32

    title Cinderella Girls Motto Dere Sute Night x32
    date/time 2019.09.18 21:00- (around one hour)
    broadcast niconico
    emcee Fuchigami Mai (޼)
    guests Yoshimura Haruka (¼Ϥ뤫)
    Chisuga Haruka
    Ousaki Chiyo
    video Yamashita Nanami ()

    This was a live niconico broadcast to commemorate the new CDs for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.

    The emcee was Fuchigami Mai. The guests were Yoshimura Haruka, Chisuga Haruka, and Ousaki chiyo.

    The Starlight Master 32 "Undead Dance Rock" CD went on sale today. The main song was by Chisuga Haruka and Chiyo. The song appeared in the game last year, and they sung it at the Met Life Dome event lat year.

    The CD also contains the song "Natsu Iro" by the Jougasaki Sisters, Yoshimura Haruka and Yamamoto Nozomi.

    In the game contest, Chisuga Haruka and Chiyo went against Yoshimura Haruka and Mai. Haruka and Mai won with the higher score, although they died twice during the song.

    They also showed the googles used for the VR Cinderella Girls game. Chisuga got up and tried them out.

    In the "Magical Extra Time" video corner, Yamashita Nanami talked with the song writer about Nanami's solo song.

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