Motto Dere Sute Night x35

title Cinderella Girls Motto Dere Sute Night x35
date/time 2020.01.23 (around one hour)
broadcast niconico
emcee Ikuta Teru (ĵ)
guests Aihara Kotomi
Tsuda Minami ()
Ohhashi Ayaka (綶̹)
Tanezaki Atsumi
video Hayami Saori (ḫ)

This was a live niconico broadcast to commemorate the new CDs for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.

The emcee was Ikuta Teru. The guests were Aihara Kotomi, Tsuda Minami, Ohhashi Ayaka, and Tanezaki Atsumi.

The CDs featured in this broadcast were as follows.

The song Palette was sung by the unit Pink Check School (Ayaka, Minami, and Atsumi).

In the Starlight Stage game corner, Pink Check School competed against Kotomi and Teru. Minami was pretty good at the game, so she sat in the middle and did well for her team. They cleared the song while only dying once. Kotomi and Teru died three times.

In the "Magical Extra Time" corner, Hayami Saori talked with the song writer and producer of her solo song "Blessing", which is on the Starlight Master 34 CD.

They also introduced an Idolmaster collaboration headphone and had Saori try it out to listen to her song.

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