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  • Maeshima Ami 20th Birthday Event

    title Maeshima Ami 20th Birthday Event
    date/time 2017.11.22 19:00-20:00
    broadcast abema fresh
    cost members only
    archive https://freshlive.tv/ami-maeshima/172041
    guest none

    This was a live broadcast of Maeshima Ami's Birthday event.

    Ami said that this was her first solo event. She was very nervous and couldn't sleep well the last couple nights.

    Ami opened the event with her first alcohol, as she just turned 20. They brought out a mug of beer. Ami said, "kanpai!" and drank a little bit of the beer. She said that it was bitter.

    Then they brought out a white board with several topics. Ami pickout out some topics and talked about them.

    Ami talked about her Super Girls days. She was in the idol group Super Girls from age 12 to 19.

    Next Ami talked about Bang Dream, and her character Maruyama Aya.

    The next topic was stage plays.

    Ami also read some questions from the broadcast viewers.

    At around the 45 minute mark, they brought out a birthday cake.

    At the end, there was a present corner, and Ami pulled numbers out of a box.

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