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  • Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 2017.11.29

    title Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 6
    date/time 2017.11.29 21:00-
    broadcast abema fresh
    cost free + members only
    archive https://freshlive.tv/ami-maeshima/173618
    guest none

    This was the 6th broadcast of Maeshima Ami's internet program.

    There was no guest, and Ami just talked by herself. Ami used her own smartphone, in her own room.

    Ami talked a lot about her birthday event last week. She said she cried a lot on the way home. Ami wants to do another event. She wants to do lots of events.

    Today Ami had a press conf for a web commercial that she will do for a game by Sega. She had the make up artist do her hair, and she left it the way it was for this broadcast.

    Ami said she only drank sweet drinks before, but recently she can drink coffee with just only milk.

    Ami appeared on a broadcast for Girls Band Party on 11/26. She was nervous as she had to play on a live broadcast, but she got a full combo (in hard mode). Ami said she can full combo Shuwarin Dreamin every time now.

    Ami switched to members only mode at around the 45 minute mark.

    Ami continued the broadcast until they got to 5000 comments. So the broadcast went until 22:25 or so.

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