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  • Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 2018.08.26

    title Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 15
    date/time 2018.08.26 21:00-22:10
    broadcast abema fresh
    cost free + members only
    archive https://freshlive.tv/ami-maeshima/230613
    guest none

    This was the 15th broadcast of Maeshima Ami's internet program.

    Ami was in a meeting room in some office, a room that she hadn't broadcast from before. She was farther away from the screen than usual.

    The first 10 minutes was just random talk.

    Ami went to Tawain for a Bang Dream Fan Meeting event. She said she had a great time. She also enjoyed the food and sweets.

    Ami threw out the first pitch at a Bang Dream collaboration baseball game (on 8/23 at Tokyo Dome). She said she gathered some friends at a park, and learned how to throw a baseball. She said she threw a four seam fastball.

    Ami swiched to the members only broadcast at the 45 minute mark. She started drinking her caramel machiato.

    Ami said her hair is growing longer in the back. When she sees a short haired girl, she feels like she wants to cut her hair. But when she sees a long haired girl, she wants to grow her hair. So she doesn't know what to do. She wants to keep it long enough so she can do twintails for Maruyama Aya at the Bang Dream events.

    Ami will appear as a guest at an event by Kubota Miyu.

    Ami said she likes seiyuu radio shows, and wants to do a radio show too. When she was younger she used to send postcards to the radio shows.

    Ami continued the broadcast until they got 10000 comments.

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