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  • Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 2018.09.24

    title Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 16
    date/time 2018.09.24 22:00-22:50
    broadcast abema fresh
    cost free + members only
    archive https://freshlive.tv/ami-maeshima/237607
    guest none

    This was the 16th broadcast of Maeshima Ami's internet program.

    Ami was broadcasting from a room in her stage play rehearsal studio.

    Ami appeared at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday, at the Bang Dream Girls Band Party event.

    Ami said she did this broadcast today because she has a few announcements that she has to make.

    The first one was that this will be the final broadcast of this show. But Ami said that she will create a youtube channel on 10/6. She will also continue doing monthly live broadcasts on youtube. In addition, Ami will also post videos (weekly) on youtube.

    Members of this channel can watch the archives until 10/24. But the members must leave this channel on their own, or they will have to keep paying..
    [the abema fresh system sucks. they should automatically remove the payments for the channels which have closed.]

    Ami will also start a fan club. It will have a private blog with photos and videos. There will be pre-registration for event and also fan club only goods. The fan club site will open on 10/3 at 15:00.

    Ami also wants to do an event in December.

    Ami switched to the members only broadcast at around the 39 minute mark. She said she would like to do something for the members in the future, but she doesn't know if she really can.

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