Maeshima Ami Channel live broadcast 15

title Maeshima Ami Channel live broadcast 15
date 2020.03.10
host Maeshima Ami (簡)

This was the 15th live broadcast by Maeshima Ami for her youtube channel. This broadcast was around 30 minutes.

Ami had the quick smoker machine in front of her, and she was cooking some foods. She said it was a home party.

Ami ate some of the cheese, and started the show.

Ami's trading card set "Collect Amita" went on sale 1/27. Ami showed the binder and some of the cards. The binder comes with a "making of" DVD, and Ami said there is a lot inside the DVD.

Ami said that the binder becomes a photo book by putting all of the cards inside.

Ami ate some more of the foods, and talked about cards while reading the comments of viewers. Then Ami opened one box, and opened several packs to see which cards she got.

There was supposed to be a fan club event on 3/1, but it got postponed until the summer because of the coronavirus.

Ami said she became a fan of the Marvel series. She likes Ironman and Captain America.