Inoue Kikuko CD single announcement

Title Inoue Kikuko CD single announcement
Broadcast 1998.11.17, 19:00 - 19:30 JST

There was a live internet broadcast for Kikuko's new single, Douzo Yoroshikune.

The data came in well. Since it's before the telehoudai time (23:00), the network must not be too crowded. The picture was pretty good, but when they did closeups, the picture was dark.

This is just her second single, although she released over 10 CDs last year. Her first single was in 1995. "Douzo Yoroshikune" will go on sale 11/18.

There are even two posters for this.

They played a promotion video of "Douzo Yoroshikune".

Okazaki Ritsuko came as a guest. They talked for a while.

Kikuko sang the coupling song of the single, "Kimi no Uta".

Then they made the 3 big announcements.

  1. "Shin" Oneechan to Issho will come back! It will be quarterly this time (4 times per year). First one will go on sale 1/20, and the price is the same as before.

  2. Kikuko's 5th original album will go on sale in March

  3. Kikuko will have a concert tour in Tokyo (4/11), Nagoya (3/27), and Osaka (3/20) next spring.

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