Akanmon ha Akan Kinkyuu Niconama

title Akanmon ha Akan Kinkyuu Niconama
date/time 2020.03.01 15:00-
broadcast niconico
cost net ticket, first 30 minutes free
hosts Aiba Aina (걩)
Yoshioka Mayu (Ȳʹ)
guests Shinoda Minami (Ĥߤʤ)

This was a special live broadcast for the radio show Akanmon ha Akan, by Aiba Aina and Yoshioka Mayu. The guest was Shinoda Minami.

There was an event for this show scheduled on 3/1, but it got canceled due to the coronavirus fears. So they did a special niconico broadcast. It was a pay for broadcast which needed a net ticket. But the first 30 minutes was free.

Aina and Mayu were wearing matching outfits, different colors. They showed some of the goods that they were going to sell.

Minami came onto the show wearing a T-shirt for her radio show "Curry and Fried Rice (chaahan)". She showed some goods, such as CDs and a DVD.