Anison Kamikyoku Cover desho desho 4/22

title Anison Kamikyoku Cover desho desho
date 2023.04.22
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Shindou Amane (ƣޤ)

The guest on the 4/22 broadcast of Anison Kamikyoku Cover desho desho was Shindou Amane.

Amane was the youngest guest to appear on this show so far. She is 18 years old, and just graduated high school this year.

They gave a history of what Amane did when she was little, and they showed many photos of her.

When Amane was 4 years old, she was already an otaku. She said her older sister and both parents were otaku.

When Amane was 7 years old, she discovered Mimori Suzuko while watching Love Live. Then she decided that she wanted to be Suzuko.

When Amane was 9 years old, started looking for seiyuu auditions by herself. But there weren't many for kids that young.

When Amane was 14 years old, she got accepted at Hibiki, her current production. Then 3 months later she made her seiyuu debut.

Then when Amane was 15 years old, she joined Bang Dream.

The choices for the cover song that Amane was going to sing were all Love Live (Muse) songs, "Start Dash", "Yume no Tobira", and "Bokutachi ha Hitotsu no Hikari". The song she sang was "Yume no Tobira".

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