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  • Seiyuu Anizatsudan 29

    title Seiyuu Anizatsudan 29
    date/time 2016.10.25 22:00-
    hosts Matsuzaki Rei
    guests Nishi Asuka ()
    Yoshimura Haruka (¼Ϥ뤫)
    archive https://abema.tv/video/episode/90-643rzn7sn-gx_s0_p29

    Broadcast 29 was the Halloween special broadcast, but Eriko was absent. The guests were Nishi Asuka and Yoshimura Haruka.

    Asuka and Rei said they haven't talked much before. Asuka and Haruka said that they have a common friend, Suzaki Aya.

    Asuka said she had 6 events in 2 days for her CD recently. Then she slept for 10 hours. She said she doesn't want to pack in so many events in a short period any more.

    They all ate some Halloween cake.

    At the end of the show, Asuka talked about her CD.

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