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  • Seiyuu Anizatsudan 68

    title Seiyuu Anizatsudan 68
    date/time 2017.08.15 22:00-
    hosts Matsui Eriko
    Matsuzaki Rei
    guests Eino Airi (永野愛理)
    Endou Yurika (遠藤ゆりか)
    archive https://abema.tv/video/episode/90-643rzn7sn-gx_s0_p68

    The guests for broadcast 68 were Eino Airi (Wake Up Girls) and Endou Yurika. This broadcast was a two hour karaoke special. Instead of the usual studio, they went to a karaoke box and sang songs.

    They sang various anime and game songs for two hours. They sang solo and also in various combinations. After singing four or so songs, they took a break to talk about the song and the anime that the songs came from.

    The song list and the singers was as follows.

    singers song
    all おジャ魔女カーニバル!!
    Eriko 乙女のポリシー
    Airi ノーザンクロス
    Yurika Zoetrope
    Rei ブルーウォーター
    Eriko, Yurika 恋のかけら
    Rei, Airi 少女交響曲
    Eriko めざせポケモンマスター
    Airi 甲賀忍法帖
    Yurika プラチナ
    Rei シルシ
    Yurika 一番の宝物
    Airi 帰り道
    Rei 水の証
    Eriko 勇気100%
    Airi, Eriko 光るなら
    Yurika, Rei Preserved Roses
    Yurika Fallen
    Yurika No Buts!
    Rei Give a Reason
    Rei Q&A リサイタル
    Airi あんずのうた
    Airi Star!!
    Eriko 1/2
    Eriko リライト
    all Snow Halation

    "Shoujo Koukyoukyoku" is a Wake Up Girls song, Rei and Airi changed clothes for this. Airi wore a Rakuten Eagles jersey and a red skirt, very cute! Rei wore a idolish outfit. They called themselves "Good Night Girls", instead of "Wake Up Girls". (^_^; Both Airi and Rei did most of the dances.

    The very last song was "Snow Halation" from Love Live, and everyone sang it together. They also did most of the dances for this too.

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