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  • Tomokara 2

    title Tomokara 2
    date/time 2018.06.18
    broadcast niconico Voice Garage Channel
    cost free + members only
    hosts Yamamoto Nozomi
    Abe Rika
    Kimura Chisa

    This was the second broadcast of Tomokara, a broadcast where three seiyuu sing karaoke songs. The seiyuu were Yamamoto Nozomi, Abe Rika, and Kimura Chisa.

    The first song was "Moonlight Densetsu", by all three seiyuu. Then each seiyuu sang one song solo, and also sang in pairs. For her solo song, Chisa sang "Only My Railgun".

    At the every end, they all sang "Sousei no Aquarion".

    The next broadcast of Tomokara will be at the end of July or the beginning of August. The participants will be Takatsuka Tomohito, Karino Shou, and Kobayashi Daiki.

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