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  • Tomokara 9

    title Tomokara 9
    date/time 2019.03.26
    broadcast niconico The Create Channel
    cost free + members only
    hosts Aoyama Yoshino (青山吉能)
    Takagi Miyu (高木美佑)
    Amami Yurina

    This was the 9th broadcast of Tomokara, a broadcast where three seiyuu sing karaoke songs. The seiyuu were Aoyama Yoshino, Takagi Miyu, and Amami Yurina.

    This was a special broadcast on the Create channel instead of the usual Voice Garage channel. The first hour was free and the rest was for members only.

    Miyu said she likes to go karaoke when she has time (a couple hours) between work. Miyu and Yoshino used to go karaoke almost every week a couple years ago.

    This is the first time that Yurina sang in front of people.

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