"Honey Face" hatsubai kinen niconama

title Nishi Asuka "Honey Face" Hatsubai Kinen niconama
date/time 2016.10.19 21:00-21:30 (30 minutes)
broadcast niconico
archive none
cost free
seiyuu Nishi Asuka ()

This was a live broadcast to commemorate the debut single by Nishi Asuka.

Asuka was in a studio, and she talked about "Honey Face". She talked for around 10 minutes. "Honey Face" placed number 19 in the Oricon daily rankings.

Asuka was wearing a long sleeve black shirt and a pink camisole over it.

They played the full version of the promo video. The outdoor portion of the promo video was taken at Yoyogi Park.

After the promo video, Asuka read some mails and talked for around 10 minutes. The last 5 minutes of the broadcast was mostly announcements for Asuka's upcoming events for this CD.

The second half of this broadcast was for Seaside Channel members only. (I'm not a member.)

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