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  • Onsen Musume Wacchoina Special

    title Onsen Musume Wacchoina Special
    date/time 2017.11.04 19:00-
    broadcast niconico
    cost free
    seiyuu Nagae Rika
    Takahashi Karin (ⶶ)
    Motomiya Kana
    Hioka Natsumi
    video Springs
      Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
      Nagae Rika
      Takahashi Karin (ⶶ)
      Motomiya Kana
      Shinoda Minami
      Hioka Natsumi
      Endou Yurika (ƣ꤫)
      Kuwahara Yuuki (ͳ)
      Watada Misaki

    This was the second live broadcast for Onsen Musume. The members were Nagae Rika, Takahashi Karin, Motomiya Kana, Hioka Natsumi.

    The Onsen Musume 2nd live will take place on 12/24 at Nakano Zero Hall, and they are taking reservations by phone during this broadcast.

    They showed song videos of the first mini live by the group Springs. The video quality wasn't very good, but they showed four songs in full.

    • Mirai Imagination
    • Seishun Cider
    • 70 Oku bun no 9 no Kiseki
    • Konayuki Friends
    Takada Yuuki was in the center position for all of the songs, and there were quite a few good shots of her.

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