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  • Waki Azumi 2nd Single "Hurry Love/Koi to Yobuniha" niconama

    title Waki Azumi 2nd Single "Hurry Love/Koi to Yobuniha" Hatsubai Kinen niconama
    date/time 2020.06.13
    seiyuu Waki Azumi (椢̤)
    broadcast youtube, twitter, line live

    This was a live broadcast for Waki Azumi's second solo single. Azumi's single "Hurry Love/Koi to Yobuniha" went on sale 6/10.

    Azumi was wearing her outfit for Hurry Love.

    Azumi said she stayed home recently, and played lot of games. She also cleaned up her room. Azumi hardly ever cooked before, but she started cooking. She even made hamburgers.

    In the first corner, Azumi read mails.

    In the next corner, they showed the promo videos of "Hurry Love" and "Koi to Yobuniha" and Azumi talked about each song.

    In the next corner, they played the two coupling songs "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Touch the Moon". This was just audio with no promo video.

    In the next corner, Azumi did some fortune telling. Azumi put on a purple hooded cape.

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