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  • KudoHaru Studio 13

    title Kudo Haru Studio 13
    date/time 2020.06.17
    seiyuu Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
    guest Hata Sawko
    broadcast niconico

    This was the 13th broadcast of the monthly live show by Kudou Haruka. The first 30 minutes of this program was free, and the last 30 minutes was members only.

    This was the one year anniversary of this show, and the guest was Hata Sawako. When Haruka called Sawako to come, Sawako fired off a cracker.

    Haruka and Sawako sat together on a sofa. There was a slight distance between them, but no "social distance".

    In the photos corner, there were a couple photos of Haruka and even a few photos of Sawako.

    Then they read some mails and talked.

    In the members only part, they will show a digest video of the highlights of the one year.

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