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  • Kekkonshiki ha Ai no Nakade 71

    title Kekkonshiki ha Ai no Nakade 71
    date/time 2020.08.08
    host Nonaka Ai ()
    guest Hata Sawako (»)
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib9zfpmpEcA

    This was the 71st broadcast of the weekly show by Nonaka Ai who acts as a bridal planner. Ai talks with a guest about weddings, and the guest was Hata Sawako.

    Sawako was wearing a very fancy kimono.

    Ai and Sawako worked together a long time ago, when Sawako was an idol.

    Ai was surprised to see Sawako in a kimono, as most of the guests wear wedding dresses. Sawako said she wanted to wear a kimono.

    Ai and Sawako talked about weddings.

    Sawako said she wants to have a wedding in a resort area, like Okinawa or Hawaii.

    Sawako hasn't gone to many weddings, so she doesn't know much about what goes on at a wedding.

    This broadcast was around 25 minutes, and Sawako will also be a guest next week.

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