Girlish Number

title Girlish Number Housou Kaishi Chokuzen live program
date/time 2016.10.05 21:00- (around 70 minutes)
broadcast niconico
archive none
seiyuu Senbongi Sayaka
Hondo Kaede ()

This was a special live program that was broadcast one day before the start of the TV anime Girlish Number.

The hosts of the show were Senbongi Sayaka and Hondo Kaede.


First they talked about the anime and the main characters. Then they gave the information about the opening and ending songs, sung by the five main seiyuu. Then they talked about the sub characters of the anime.

Girlish Number is a story about seiyuu and the staff making and promoting anime. The story is about what goes on behind the scenes in the anime world.

Then there was a special guest, Watari Wataru, the author of the original light novel. They talked about the Girlish Number story (novel and anime).

The second half was "seiyuu skill up challenge", a contest between Sayaka and Kaede. Frist Wataru gave a topic, and Sayaka and Kaede drew pictures. Next there was a "yokotobi" (jumping sideways back and forth) contest, where each girl jumped for 30 seconds each. Then the last contest was a voice acting adlib contest.
Kaede won the contest.

At the end, there were some final comments, and some information about Girlish Number related releases.

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