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  • Gabriel Dropout Christmas Party

    title Gabriel Dropout -Tenshi to Akuma no Share House- Christmas Party
    ガヴリールドロップアウト 天使と悪魔のシェアハウス クリスマスパーティー!
    date/time 2016.12.25 20:00 (one hour)
    broadcast niconico
    url http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv284058948
    archive none
    seiyuu Tomita Miyu
    Ohnishi Saori
    Ohzora Naomi
    Hanazawa Kana (花澤香菜)

    This was a special live program that was broadcast prior to the TV anime.
    The Gabriel Dropout anime will start in January 2017.

    The seiyuu hosts were the four main characters from the anime.

    GabrielTomita Miyu
    VignetteOhnishi Saori
    SataniaOhzora Naomi
    RaphielHanazawa Kana

    First they talked about the Gabriel Dropout story (gag manga). Each seiyuu talked about their own character.

    They sat down at a table, from left to right Kana, Miyu, Saori, Naomi.

    Then there was some information about the comics, the TV anime broadcasts, the OP and ED CDs, goods, and events.

    There will be a Gabriel Dropout Special event on 2017.07.02, and all four seiyuu will participate.

    There will be a web radio program starting on 2017.01.06, and the hosts will be Miyu, Saori, and Naomi.

    The next corner was a Christmas cake decoration contest. They divided up into two teams, tenshi team (Miyu and Kana) and akuma team (Saori and Naomi). They had 10 minutes to decorate a Christmas cake. At the end, the viewers voted on the winning cake, and the tenshi team won.
    tenshi team
    tenshi team
    akuma team
    akuma team

    The next corner was the Christmas presents exchange corner. Each seiyuu brought a present, and they were going to exchange the presents. In order to determine which order they got to choose the presents, they all drew some pictures for the viewers to vote on.

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