Sangokushi Taisen wo Asondemiyou!

title Sangokushi Taisen wo Asondemiyou!
date/time 2016.12.18 20:00-21:30
broadcast niconico, youtube, abema
cost free
seiyuu Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Kawanishi Kengo
video Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ)

This was a broadcast for the arcade game Sangokushi Taisen. It seemed to be the first broadcast in a series of broadcasts. The emcees were two comedians from the comedy unit Time Machine 3gou (タイムマシーン3号). The assistant was Nagao Mariya (永尾まりや).

The announced guest for this broadcast was Hata Sawako, and a secret guest was Kawanishi Kengo.

Sawako was wearing a black jumper skirt over a frilly, white, long sleeve blouse. She had her hair in double braid twintails.

Mariya used to be in AKB48 and Sawako was in SKE48 at around the same time, so they knew each other.

When the show began, the hosts and Sawako talked like they didn't know what they were supposed to do, so the producer of Sangokushi Taisen (Mr. Nishiyama) came and talked about the game.

After around 10 minutes of talk about the game, the hosts and Sawako introduced themselves. Sawako said that she was doing the voice of To-fujin and some other characters in the game.

The first corner was a Sangokushi quiz. One of the comedians read the questions, and the others had to write the answers. There were three questions, and Sawako got the first two right. They will continue playing this quiz in the following broadcasts, and the winner will get a Chinese dinner. They said Sawako's points will carry over to the next broadcast's guest.

Then two more guests came, Kawanishi Kengo (secret guest) and Mr. Hanada. Kengo (a seiyuu) was not doing a voice in this game, but he was a Sangokushi Taisen player. Mr. Hanada was like a pro-player. They gave a more detailed explanation of the game.

Then Sawako and one of the comedians played the game at one of the actual game machines. Sawako had a card of her characters, and used that in the game. Kengo went to help them play.

During the game, they showed the game screen a lot, and didn't show that much of the guests.

The game lasted around 10 minutes, and Sawako lost.

After that Kengo played a game against Mr. Hanada. They went at it for real, and Mr. Hanada won.

At the end, Sawako and Mariya read the final announcements. There was some information about presents and such.
The broadcast was a little over 90 minutes.

During the broadcast, Sawako showed some of the Sangokushi Taisen cards, and the camera zoomed into the cards. So there were a few very close closeups of Sawako.

At the 42:25 mark, there was an advertisement video featuring Uesaka Sumire. Sumire was wearing a pink china dress, and played a little bit of the Sangokushi Taisen game.

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