Abema Shougo 44

title Abema Shougo 44
date/time 2017.02.09 12:00-13:00
broadcast AbemaTV
archive ondemand viewing for about one month
cost free
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
Ichikawa Taichi

This was a live lunchtime Abema TV talk show where they interview current "influencers". Hata Sawako was the guest on the February 9 broadcast. The seiyuu Ichikawa Taichi was a regular host on Thursdays.

There were several corners that were prepared for Sawako. The first one was about her past, quitting the idol group SKE48 and becoming a seiyuu.

Sawako said that she always wanted to be a seiyuu, and she joined SKE48 to become a seiyuu and not an idol. One of the hosts asked if she had a drop in pay when becoming a seiyuu, but Sawako said that she gets paid about the same.

The next corner was a voice acting corner.

They chose some shoujo manga scenes, and they had Sawako and Taichi read the manga. They showed the manga on the screen with the seiyuu in a little box on the corner.

Sawako did the three girls' voices in a different voices.

Sawako also did the role of a boy in one scene.

The next corner was the location bento corner.

Sawako said she likes the bento that they hand out when they go places for work. She said that was the best part of her work when she was in SKE48.

Sawako's favorite bento was "Gindara Saikyou Yaki" bento from the store Kinbei.

Then they brought it out, and everyone ate the bento, while showing some others that they liked.

Sawako said she doesn't get a chance to eat location bento much now.

The last corner was the marriage fortune telling corner.

Sawako said that she wants to get married sometime..

Then a fortune teller (and comedian?) came to the studio to read Sawako's marriage fortunes (hands, face, ears, etc).

At end of the show, Sawako made some announcements. She will appear in the Cocolors Spectacle Collabo Live on 2/17 and 2/18. She will also appear in her first musical the following week.

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