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  • Sangokushi Taisen no Namahousou

    title Sangokushi Taisen no Namahousou
    date/time 2017.04.19 21:00-23:00
    broadcast Openrec.tv
    archive https://www.openrec.tv/live/YyihM_V9D4B
    cost free
    seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
    Kawanishi Kengo
    video Madono Mitsuaki
    Sakurai Shinjirou
    Hata Sawako (»)
    Uesaka Sumire (䤹ߤ)

    This was a broadcast for the arcade game Sangokushi Taisen. The seiyuu guests were Hata Sawako and Kawanishi Kengo.

    Sawako had appeared in a few broadcasts for Sangokushi Taisen before, and those broadcasts were aimed for beginners. This broadcast was for real players.

    The first 10 minutes was a video of Madono Mitsuaki, Sakurai Shinjirou, and Sawako in Kobe Chinatown. There is a collaboration between Sangokushi Taisen and Kobe Chinatown, and the three seiyuu appeared at the opening event on April 8. This video shows the seiyuu at a few stores that were participating in the collaboration.

    After the video, they went to the live broadcast. They were broadcasting from the new Sega Game Center in Shinjuku. Sawako, Kengo, Mr. Hanada, and the emcee were sitting at a table in front of some Sangokushi Taisen game machines.

    First, Kengo went to the machine to play one game. Mr. Hanada and Sawako stayed at the table and talked about Kengo's game.

    Then three more guests appeared. They were hard core gamers. They talked about the new features of the game with Mr. Hanada, that happened with the update of 4/13.

    There was going to be another major update on 4/25, with many new cards. They showed some of the new cards (characters), and one of them was voiced by Sawako.

    The rest of the broadcast was game playing by the gamer guests.

    At the end, they game out some new information about the Sangokushi Taisen smartphone game, Sanpoke, which will be released the next day (4/20). The arcade game and smartphone game will be connected, and there will be prizes and special cards for those who play both.
    They showed a serial code for a present card.

    In the Kobe video, Sawako was wearing a gold colored china dress.

    In the live broadcast, Sawako was wearing a pink sweater over a white blouse with cute large collar. Her hair was in a ponytail.

    They also broadcasted the commercial video by Uesaka Sumire.

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