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  • Atlantica Senryaku Happyou and Fan Kanshasai

    title Atlantica Senryaku Happyou and Fan Kanshasai
    date/time 2017.05.27 16:00-18:15
    broadcast abema fresh
    archive https://freshlive.tv/gegaku/117471
    cost free
    seiyuuHata Sawako (»)

    This was a live broadcast of the Atlantica Senryaku Happyou and Fan Kanshasai event that took place in Akihabara on May 27, 2017.

    The first 30 minutes or so was just announcements of games.

    At 16:35, Sawako came onto the stage. Sawako was wearing a frilly yellow top and dark colored skirt. Her hair was braided and up in the back.

    There was a photo session for the press, where they took group photos.

    After the photo session, there was a 10 minute break.

    The Fan Kanshasai portion started around 17:06. Sawako, emcee Max, and one person from Atlantica came out for the event. They sat at the table and the event began.

    The event lasted for around one hour. There were quizzes for those in the crowd, they played a little bit of the game, and there was a present corner.

    The scheduled corners had ended at 18:05, but they still had around 10 minutes left over. Then Sawako asked if they would be able to give away some more presents. Then the staff brought out some cards and said he would give them away to those who asked questions.

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